Give your system a face lift instead of a major overhaul Vintage Elevator can renovate your elevator cab to bring your system up to date by installing modern fixtures.  We will also upgrade your old units mechanics to optimize the equipment. t.650.832.1345 f.650.832.1344 CA Lic. #901286 CCQC #CC-08-012863 Certified DVBE Keep you building feeling updated and your systems optimized.  Older systems will eventually require upgrades and Vintage Elevator will work with you and your budget to develop options and a plan to improve your elevators aesthetics, optimize its performance, safety and compliance. After evaluating the job and requirements we will develop a plan to work through with the customer.  Plans may be a complete modernization or a phased modernization, upgrading various systems over time to help spread the hard costs.  Elevator equipment is a big investment and not one to replace often so between routine maintenance and selective modernizations you can extend the life of valuable equipment. Modernization of you systems will bring marked improvements in reliability, compliances and your business' marketability.  Vintage Elevator Services Your Partner in Vertical Transportation