Good housekeeping is the key to safety, reliability and longevity. The least expensive form of maintenance is almost always preventive maintenance.  You have a big investment in your elevator system and implementing a maintenance program will help maximize the value in your elevator system.  t.650.832.1345 f.650.832.1344 CA Lic. #901286 CCQC #CC-08-012863 Certified DVBE Vintage Elevator offers various maintenance contracts depending on your systems needs and budget to maximize your equipment's reliability and minimize downtime. Each of our skilled technicians track their own jobs and use a comprehensive check list to insure the safety and reliability of your elevator units.  We currently offer three preventative maintenance programs (specific contracts can be developed): P1: Lubrication and Inspection P2: Limited Maintenance P3: Full Maintenance P1 P2 P3 Inspection x x x Cleaning and Lubrication x x x Minor Adjustments x x Minor Parts x x Major Parts x Repairs x Testing ** x Call Backs * * Reg. CB Incl. * 24 hour call back service can be included for addition cost **Testing (ie, Fire Test) can can included if negotiated Vintage Elevator Services Your Partner in Vertical Transportation