Your Partner in Vertical Transportation Preventative Maintenance You have a big investment in your elevator system and the cost to maintain your system routinely will save you money in the long run.  Vintage Elevator offers various maintenance contracts depending on your systems needs and budget to maximize your equipment's reliability and minimize downtime. Repair and Service  Vintage Elevator currently services elevators in San Francisco, the Bay Area and surrounding areas.  Our mechanics are union certified and are continually trained on new technologies.  For each repair job Vintage Elevator will provide a proposal of work to be done. Modernization Keep you building feeling updated and your systems optimized.  Older systems will eventually require upgrades and Vintage Elevator will work with you and your budget to develop options and a plan to improve your elevators aesthetics, optimize its performance, safety and compliance Testing The state of California requires elevators to be tested on an annual basis.  We will complete all required testing on time, coordinate inspections and file paperwork with the State in order to keep your safety certificates current. Waterproofing Underground elevator pits and vaults require special attention.  Elevator pits are usually the lowest part of the building the place where the water wants to end up and any cracks or holes provide easy access to the interior.  Water infiltration in elevator pits can cause extensive long term damage to your foundation and equipment. Vintage Elevator Services