Underground elevator pits and vaults require special attention. Vintage Elevators can waterproof your elevator pit for a  fraction of the cost of having to divert the water away from your foundation. t.650.832.1345 f.650.832.1344 e.info@vintage-elevator.com CA Lic. #901286 CCQC #CC-08-012863 Certified DVBE Elevator pits are usually the lowest part of the building the place where the water wants to end up and any cracks or holes provide easy access to the interior.  Water infiltration in elevator pits can cause extensive long term damage to your foundation and equipment. A full waterproofing of an elevator pit helps to prevent water seepage and flooding.  Vintage Elevator mechanics use proven techniques to help seal your elevator pit from damaging water caused by leaks in the foundation of your elevator pit.  Using a polyurethane hydrophobic injection repair system we can help protect, seal and structurally strengthen your elevator pit. Vintage Elevator Services Your Partner in Vertical Transportation